Dublin, Ireland.

Recently my family and I embarked on a mini break to Dublin, Ireland for a few nights. During our stay we did the “tourist” thing on the open-top tour bus and we went to Kilmainham Goal (the former prison), the Guinness Storehouse, Temple Bar and we saw the incredibly talent Simply Red. I’ve put a collection together of my favourite photos. Any of these photos (excluding ones of my family) are available to buy as prints or on A6 blank greetings cards.

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!


Plane View

Temple Bar Bridge B&W Dublin

Guinness glass

Merchant's Arch 1


B&W Dublin 2

Prison 1

Prison 3

Prison 5

Prison 2

Prison 6

Prison cell

Prison 4

Prison 7

Prison 8

Prison 9

Prison 10


Guinness factory 1

Guinness factory 2

Guinness factory 3




Guinness bar

Guinness sunset

Temple Bar



Park 2

3 Arena

Simply Red 1 Simply Red 2

Let me know what you think!


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