Hi! I’m Katie, I guess in a nutshell I can sum myself up by saying I’m 26 years old and there’s nothing I love more than spending time with both people and animals. They say you should never work with animals and children but I’ll be honest … they’re my favourite!!

A bit about me … I’m from South Wales and I’m currently based in Cwmbran, I’m 26 and I have the best job(s) in the world. I’m a qualified Biologist and I recently completed my research Master’s in Bioscience (Ecology and Conservation). I have a huge heart for helping and this extends to both people and animals. I have a super fun┬áLearning Assistant role at the Llanelli wetland centre where it’s my job to entertain school groups and teach them about real world science; which usually involves studying lots of bugs!

Photography is such a big part of my life, I love nothing more than spending time outside looking for new and exciting things to capture. My photography interest started from my love for Biology and my bird watching hobby. As an ecologist, I have a passionate appreciation for the beauty of this natural world and the ability to share such wonders through the means of photography.

In Summer 2016 I decided to take my photography a little more serious and make it into a business. I absolutely love pets, I was brought up with dogs and anyone who has worked with me will tell you just how much love I have for pets, therefore it make sense to branch out and have a go at pet photography!

I have lots of exciting ideas coming up this year, check out my Facebook page for recent updates and like my page to be updated with more photos and any offers I have coming up!


Hope you enjoy my page, I’d love to hear from you so please drop me a message ­čÖé


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