Gilfach Nature Reserve

This Autumn, Dan Rouse and I decided to venture out to new pastures around Wales looking for some new places to explore. It was Dan that suggested a trip to Gilfach Nature Reserve to watch the wild Salmon which is located within the Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales. Extending across 400 acres of beautiful landscape, Gilfach which is managed by The Wildlife Trust is Notoriously famous as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for it’s diversity of wildlife including Salmon during the Autumn and Winter months.

The area extends throughout a variety of different habitats including Farmland, Grassland, Healthland, Meadows, Ponds and Woodlands which as you can imagine is popular with many of our most loved native animals. Depending on the time of year and time of day, you can be lucky enough to see anything from Brown Hare, Otters, Stoats, Salmon, Siskin, Dipper and Wheatear!

Although we unfortunately didn’t get to witness any Salmon or otters this time, we did get to spend some time by the beautiful waterfalls situated just down the river from the otter hide.

The walk itself took us a good 2 hours from the visitor centre all the way back to the entrance car park. It’s a really beautiful walk with the chance to see so much wildlife and so many different habitats and we’d both highly recommend it! Be sure to check the recent sightings book of otters and Salmon sightings left in the otter hide!

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Also be sure to check out Dan’s recent blogs too on this link, Dan is a fountain of knowledge and shares her knowledge in her brilliant blogs!

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